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Minneapolis Blower Door Fan Speed Controller — 240v

£290.00 ex VAT


  • Electronic single-phase speed controller
  • The controller is designed for continuous operation at 15 Amp maximum load at 40⁰ C ambient temperature on a single-phase 110V / 230V, 50/60Hz supply
  • Wall or handheld units
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Speed regulation control knob
  • Over current protecting fuse
  • Each controller can be customised to customers’ specifications/design
  • Each unit comes PAT tested with a certificate
  • Lead 2.5m from remote to fan / 2.5m from remote to power source

Important Information

When ordering from outside the UK, please be aware that customs duties, including VAT, duty, and handling fees, may apply.


Complete voltage control: Enjoy the flexibility of fully adjustable fan drive output speed to suit your specific requirements.

Minimum set speed adjuster:This is a control adjuster that tailors the minimum output speed level, preventing fans from running too slowly and giving you control over the motor’s speed.

High inrush current handling: The large triac ensures that the unit can manage high inrush currents, providing a safety margin, especially in industrial installations.

Integrated R-C snubber network: The integrated RC snubber network makes controlling inductive loads easy and enhances the reliability of your setup